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Welcome to WealthIbot

What is WealthIbot Line ?

The WealthIbot quantification system is a multi-strategy, multi-technology fusion intelligent quantification mechanism.

It is a one-click to start the quantitative trading system, realize automatic intelligent trading, real-time monitoring and tracking of big data algorithms, adjust real-time market conditions, the best quantitative strategy to stop profit, and maximize user rofits, with technical strategy such as built-in tracking for opening positions + tracking stop profit + tail order stop profit + grid Take profit. Continuous income is guaranteed by 7*24 hours real-time monitoring.

The WealthIbot was found in california ( USA ) under licence no C4738345 on the 13th may 2021 and Our
Head-Office in singapore with the goal to make trade super easy.

WealthIbot is a system that focuses on artificial intelligence quantitative trading. 4 years of experience in digital currency trading system quantitative strategy development, has successively built quantitative system for many international private equity funds, and perfect investment quantitative strategy the model maximie theie profits through quantitative transaction in the digital currency market.

The Goal

The goal is to make trading super easy for beginners & traders with the WealthIbot bot.

Many people dont like trading directly on exchanges because they have to constantly monitor their positions in order to make any profit. Thus WealthIbot came up with the idea for a reliable robot that can help us stabilize our earnings while taking away some of the emotion that might result in losses.

WealthIbot trading platform

Super Efficient

Super Simple user interface for traders. Create portfolios with any coin allocation and activate your robot with a click.

Deeply Committed

Deeply sophisticated tools and guides to help traders with their trading along with deeply passionate developers about each user’s experience and the overall development of our platform.

Up To Date

Frequent updates to improve the robot in order to better improve product performance and optimize your trading experience.

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Driven by values

Every member of our team is deeply passionate about each user’s experience and the overall development of the platform. We value your feedback!

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