How to Get Started

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Steps to Get Started

Get Started in 4 simple steps

  • STEP 1 - Register

  • STEP 2 - Fund Your Account

  • STEP 3 - Link The API

  • STEP 4 - Set Strategy & Sit Back
    WealthIbot Robot Starts Making Profit For You



A - Register Yourself

Register on WealthIbot with
your email.


B - Register on Binance/Huobi

Register on Binance or Huobi by clicking one of the buttons below.

Binance Huobi

C - Download the App

Download the App, login and complete
the verification process.


Fund Your A/C

A - Fund Your A/C

Fund your binance or huobi a/c with USDT
in your wallet via-

  • Bank Transfer
  • International Credit or Debit Cards
  • Crypto Deposits

B - How to deposit on WealthIbot

(i) Open the WealthIbot App; Press "Assets";
Press "Deposite"; Copy the link

(ii) Open the Binance App

  • Go to "wallet";
  • Go to "spot"; Press "USDT";
  • Press "withdraw";
  • Paste the address that was copied before;
  • Enter the amount (minimum is 150$);
  • Choose network TRC20.
  • Submit request & confirm transaction with mobile & email OTP
  • Request submitted and funds would be credited in WealthIbot assets in 1-2 minutes.

C - Transfer & Activate

WealthIbot charges 120$ for activation and annual membership, plus we recommend another 30$ for the prepaid profit fuel.


Link the api

A - Create an api

Open the binance app

  • Press "More"
  • Press "API Management"
  • Create an Api ( Put Any Name)
  • Press the arrow below and copy API Key Code
  • Tick the "Enable Spot & margin Trading" box.

B - API binding

Open the WealthIbot App

  • Press "API Binding"
  • Select Binance
  • Press the square on API Key
  • Choose the QR code on your gallery
  • Enter the verification code and agree to the terms

Set strategy & sit back WealthIbot RObot Starts making profit for you

Create strategy

  • On WealthIbot Home page click circle
  • Above page click circle again
  • Choose QQ circle
  • Choose Join
  • Choose sync strategy
  • Go to strategy Setting

If You are starting with 1000$ Than...

  • First buy in amount should be 10$
  • Number of strategy choose 5 coins ( whenever you increase your investment than change the amount strategy to 1% of the invested value and change the number of coin strategy. e.g. if you invest 100,000/- USDT than choose 1000$ in first buy & 50 COins.
  • Click on Sync strategy and exit to home.
  • Click the quantitative icon on home screen and see if your trades have begun. if there are coins and red/blue box on the right than your trading has started.
  • Continue to monitor assets in your WealthIbot App to ensure that the fuel fee amount is always above 10 USDT.
  • Exit app and relax. The robot has starting working for you.

Manage your positions with the WealthIbot mobile app

Download the mobile application, launch bots, and close orders. Manage your positions anywhere and anytime.

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