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What is WealthIbot Trading ROBOT?

WealthIbot is a unique auto-trading software developed to benefit from artificial intelligence quantitative trading system and designed to automate crypto trading on your behalf. It is operating with the fusion of multi-strategy & multi-technology system.

The goal to make trading super easy for everyone and remove the psychological element of trading, which can be detrimental in investment or trading crypto currencies.

WealthIbot trading

With various auto-trading software’s available in the market today for forex/ currencies & commodity trading, WealthIbot have been working for over 4 years in research and development with a team of software engineers to develop various award-winning trading software’s for various financial institutions & private equity funds that works on various quantitative algorithms, aiming to maximize profits from the trading space.

WealthIbot trading software provides real-time monitoring and tracking of big data algorithms, adjust real-time market conditions and Auto-trades with the best quantitative strategy to maximize profits. The system uses technical strategy such as built-in tracking for opening positions + closing positions to book profits, hence the system generates continuous profits 24 X 7, 365 days a year, with real-time monitoring.

Just think of it as hiring a cryptocurrency trading expert to do your crypto trading while you can sit back and watch the profit grow.

The WealthIbot Crypto auto-trading software can often save you a lot of time and are more cost-effective than hiring human experts.

The truth is Cryptocurrencies are known for being extremely volatile, and most of the time prices fluctuate drastically within the space of minutes. In many cases traders are unable to act quickly enough to changes in the market price to achieve their trading goal.

This is where WealthIbot (WealthIbotuantitative) crypto robot gets into the picture with automated tools that conduct trades and execute transactions on behalf of the users.

The goal is to make trading super easy for beginners & traders with WealthIbot Auto-trade Robot.

Many people don’t like trading directly on exchanges because they either don’t have the tools & experience to trade or have to constantly monitor their positions in order to make any profits.

Thus, WealthIbot was developed as a reliable Auto-trading robot that can help stabilize our earnings while taking away some of the emotion that might result in losses.

WealthIbotuantify Investment Management Co., Limited, is licensed from California, USA and is headquartered & operates out of Singapore.

WealthIbot app is globally available in English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese.

How Does WealthIbot Trading Bot Works?

In order to use the WealthIbot trading app, users’ needs to integrate the app with a third-party exchange or trading platform.

Currently, WealthIbot software integrates with the following exchange platforms:

  • Binance
  • Huobi

To get started, you’ll have to Register an account with WealthIbot & Binance or Huobi and download the app from Google play store for Android users and Apple store for IOS device users.

If you don’t have an account with Binance you can also create one here… But if you do, than just log into your Binance account to connect your WealthIbot app with your Binance API keys to start trading with the APP.

However, to start using the WealthIbot app, it costs min 140 USDT (via TRC-20) i.e. activation fee of 120 USDT (for a one-year subscription) + 20 USDT as gas fuel making it a total of 140 USDT (via TRC-20) for both activation fee and gas fuel.

FYI, WealthIbot operates with a 80:20 profit sharing ratio i.e. whenever the trades close in profits, 80% is for the account holder and 20% would be deducted as gas fuel fee from WealthIbot asset balance, deposited as prepaid gas fuel.

Investors have total control over their money and their capital is 100% safe in their account with the exchange. WealthIbot only has trading access in invertors Binance or Huobi account and auto-trades 20x7 with the available capital only in USDT wallet to open & close trades so there’s absolutely NO access to users’ funds.

How to Make Money with WealthIbot?

Basically, there are two ways in which users can make money from WealthIbot.

This includes:

  • Profits from Trading Cryptocurrency in own account
  • Referral Rewards System (RRS)

The first way to make profits with WealthIbot is auto-trading with the available capital in Binance or Huobi account.

However, there is also a Referral Rewards plan in the system, that will generate regular residual income GURANTEED for everyone.

Let’s explain how both of the income opportunities works (Trading and RRS)

Trading Cryptocurrency

WealthIbot robot trades cryptocurrency for you based on your capital amount and the ROI varies from 10 -30% (per month) based on your trading strategies and using compound interest roll-over (refer below table).

Trading Cryptocurrency

It also comes with features whereby you can sync or automatically copy trading strategies by expert traders on the platform.

So if you don’t know what & how to trade, then syncing with expert traders on the platform is the best option for you.

WealthIbot Referral System or Networking plan

WealthIbot software is also built in with a unique referral rewards plan, so Investors and members can share their experiences with others and become a part of WealthIbot rewarding system.

WealthIbot team have been researching on various network rewards plans available globally and have developed their own plan to reward all its members. The objective to offer the world’s best trading application and referral rewards plan, that is simple and works for everyone globally.

Unlike other Network marketing plans, WealthIbot is not a multi-level marketing plan (MLM plan)/ or pyramid scheme nor a Binary plan. It is based on Uni-level direct rewards plan.

WealthIbot Reward system is the most advanced payout system in the industry for its unique characteristics which include:

  • No sign-up fee
  • No minimum referrals
  • No monthly qualifications
  • No time limits
  • No products or inventories required.
  • International sponsoring
  • Immediate Payouts 24x7
  • No working schedule – your freedom to work from anywhere
  • No Boss – You be the Boss and create your own future
  • No trading or selling experience required
  • 100% GURANTEED rewards plan
  • Very easy to understand and explain.
  • No risk - Investors money is in his own trading account.
  • Unlimited referral income potential
  • No employees to hire – WealthIbot takes care of all the traditional activities for you.

Did you know that you can earn more than $1000 on a daily basis with the WealthIbot referral rewards system or network marketing?

Yea that’s right, and I’m not trying to get your attention!

The WealthIbot marketing plan is designed in a way that’s bound to make you money quickly if you’re bent on promoting the platform.

WealthIbot Referral Rewards System (RRS) is segmented into different levels dedicated to make you passive income even when you stop promoting it.

Let’s have a look at the referral structure…

Level 1. WealthIbot V1 (US$ 30 Bonus + 20%)

At the first level, you’ll earn a US$ 30 direct referral bonus for anyone you referred plus a 20% rewards / commissions on all your downline’s profitable trades.

To achieve the next level, you need to refer at least 3 people directly and a total team of 20 people directly or indirectly under you.

Level 2. WealthIbot V2 (US$ 40 Bonus + 30%)

  • Direct referral Bonus of $40
  • + 30% reward commission from direct & team’s profitable daily trades.
  • Additional $10 indirect referral bonus from every new member activated by your V1 downlines.

To achieve the next level, you need at least 5 direct referrals and 3 V2 (Level two) members and a total team of 100 members directly or indirectly under you.

Level 3. WealthIbot V3 (US$ 50 Bonus + 40%)

  • Direct referral Bonus of $50
  • + 40% reward commission from direct & team’s profitable daily trades.
  • Additional $20 indirect referral bonus from every new member activated by your V1 downlines or 10$ bonus from V2 downline.

At this level you should be looking at earning $200 to $500 daily depending on your team’s activeness.

To achieve the next level, you need 8 direct referrals and 3 V3 (Level Three) members a total team of 300 members directly or indirectly under you.

Level 4. WealthIbot V4 (US$ 60 Bonus + 50%)

  • Direct referral Bonus of $60
  • + 50% reward commission from direct & team’s profitable daily trades.
  • Additional $30 indirect referral bonus from every new member activated by your V1 downlines.
  • Additional 5% peer award

At this level you should be looking at earning $1,000 to $2,000 daily income depending on your team’s activeness.

To achieve the next level, you need 12 direct referrals and 3 V4 (Level Four) members a total team of 800 members directly or indirectly under you.

Level 5. WealthIbot V5 ($65 Bonus + 55%)

  • Direct referral Bonus of $65
  • + 55% reward commission from direct & team’s profitable daily trades.
  • Additional $35 indirect referral bonus from every new member activated by your downlines.
  • Additional 5% peer award

At this level you should be looking at earning over $3,000 daily income depending on your team’s activeness.

To achieve the next level, you need 20 direct referrals and 3 V5 (Level Five) members a total team of 1,500 members directly or indirectly under you.

Level 6. WealthIbot V6 ($70 Bonus + 60%)

This is the zenith of the WealthIbot referral system

  • Direct referral Bonus $ 70
  • + 60 % reward commission from direct & team’s profitable daily trades.
  • Additional $40 indirect referral bonus from every new member activated by your downlines.
  • Additional 5 % Global Divident

Finally, at this stage, your daily and passive earning will be unimaginable.

Refer to the chart below…

Rewarding Program

WealthIbot Registration

Creating an account with WealthIbot is actually easy.

To get started, click on the Sign-Up link here… then fill out the form as seen in the image below!

WealthIbot registration

Enter your email address, after that, click on “Send Verification Code” to receive the code in your email address.

Once received, enter it in the verification code box and enter your new 6–12 digit password. Once you’re done, click the Register button to proceed.

Once done, you will see a link to download WealthIbot app on the next page. From there, install the app and login to activate the app on your mobile device.

WealthIbot Activation for Trading

After you’ve logged in, you will need to activate the app to start trading. To activate the app, go to ===> ‘Mine’ at the extreme right-hand side below (footer of the app).

After that click on ‘Asset’, on the third row. There you’ll see ‘deposit’, ‘withdraw’ and ‘transfer’ icons. Click on deposit to copy the WealthIbot USDT wallet address.

Paste the WealthIbot USDT deposit address in Binance or any other exchange withdrawal section. Transfer min 140 USDT, Choose TRC-20 network and confirm send to wallet address. It may take a minute to receive in WealthIbot.

Immediately after clicking activates, it will ask you to confirm your country, choose the right one and proceed.

trading activation

Next, you’ll see something like the image below, leave it that way and click on activate to activate the account. Once active it will show in the orange box as “Activated”.

To start trading, you’ll need to link the account to your Binance or Huobi account by copying your API keys.

Binding WealthIbot with Your Binance Account

The above is a video tutorial to guide you how to easily bind your WealthIbot account to your Binance account. If you prefer to read, you can read through the pictorial description below.


On your Binance home page you will see “more” click on more…

Then scroll down to the “Others” section (Last section) and click on “API Management”.

WealthIbot binance account
WealthIbot binance account

Once there you’ll need to create a new API key by giving it a name. After that click on create.

Next, click on edit on the new API you just created and set restrictions for the API.

api creation

The only box you’re going to enable is the “Enable Reading” and “Enable Spot & Margin Trading” leave the remaining box unticked.

Then scroll down to API access restriction. Click on the second box above that says “Restrict access to trusted IPs only (Recommended).

After that, go back to WealthIbot then copy the IP address from WealthIbot and paste it in the space there and click confirm.

With these settings, the robot has limited access only to your trading account, so all funds in your account are safe! The only thing it can do is to trade with funds in your USDT wallet.

Now copy the API keys and the secret keys.

Then go back to the WealthIbot account, at the home page, you’ll see four icons

  • API binding
  • Revenue
  • Transaction
  • Invite Friend


Click on the API binding and choose the exchange you want to bind. For Binance users, click on Binance and paste the keys respectively.

WealthIbot binance api binding

Go and copy your API keys and Secret Keys one after the other from Binance and paste them accordingly in the space provided in WealthIbot. As you can see from the image above.

After pasting them, click on “send” verification code and copy the code sent to your email address by WealthIbot and paste it inside the space provided for it.

Next, click on the risk box and click on Bind.

To create strategy & start trading, go to WealthIbot home page you’ll see “Circle” icon below.

trading strategy

WealthIbot Trade Settings

WealthIbot software is designed to give flexibility to users and help them with 2 options..

  • 1) Copy preset Auto-trade strategy
  • 2) Create your own strategy

Option 1) Copy pre-set Auto-trading strategy

For beginners or new to trading we recommend to join a circle and copy the trading strategy.

To start, click on “circle” icon below & above in the app, you should see something like the image below,

WealthIbot Trade Setting

How to Sync strategy from circle.

After you click on “circle”, choose “QQ circle”

WealthIbot Trade Setting

Open QQ Circle and enter your first buy-in amount and set the number of coin strategy. For quick reference please follow the below strategy.

WealthIbot Trade Setting
WealthIbot Trade Setting

It is very important that you understand that your trade setting only works with the capital that is available in USDT on Binance exchange.

Note that Someone trading with $100 is going to have a different trade setting with someone trading with $1000 or $10,000 so set your strategy as per the above table.

To check your profits, go to home page and you’ll see “Revenue”, click on it to see your daily profits.

Option 2) Create your own strategy

To create your own strategy, click on the home page of the app, when you look down, you’ll see Quantitative (refer below picture).

WealthIbot Trade Setting

Click on it and choose the pair you want the app to start trading on your behalf.

After clicking on any pair, you should see something like the image below.

WealthIbot Trade Setting

This is where you will configure the trade setting that the robot is going to trade with.

Please, it is very important that you understand that your trade setting only works with the capital you’re trading with.

But I’ll try to break it down as much as possible so everyone can understand how the settings work.

To start trading, you’ll need to click on the trade setting and after that, you’ll see something like the image below.

As you can see from above, we have:

  • First Buy In Amount
  • Open Position Doubled
  • Margin Call Limit
  • Whole Position Take Profit Ratio
  • Whole Position Take Profit Callback
  • Margin Configuration
  • Buy In Callback
WealthIbot Trade Setting
First Buy-In Amount

This is the amount you’re going to start the trade with depending on your trading capital and the total number of margin calls (Numbers of deep you’re going to be buying when the coin decrease after you enter the trade).

It’s very important that you don’t make your ‘First Buy In Amount’ your total capital.

If your trade capital is around $1,000, than you can decide to make my ‘first buy-in amount’ to be $25 or $30 depending on the numbers of margin calls you’ll be making. More on this later…

Open Position Doubled

This simply means you’re going to be buying double of any market you entered. This will simply double your first buy in amount and as well as margin calls you’ll be buying.

But it’s not recommended. So while setting up your trade, we won’t recommend you tick the box. It’s not needed!

Margin Call Limit

The margin call limit simply means the total numbers of DIP you want the BOT to buy when there’s a drop in market after you’ve entered the trade. You should understand the “Margin Call Limit” if you’re familiar with what’s referred to as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).

DCA is simply referred to as a strategy whereby you invest a total sum of money in small increments over time instead of all your capital at once. The goal here is to take advantage of market downturns without risking too much capital at any given time.

If the price of an asset drops during the time you are dollar-cost averaging, then you stand to make a profit if the price moves back up.

So the total number of “Margin Call Limit” you set means the total number of times you’ll be buying the coin based on the percentage drops.

Whole Position Take Profit Ratio

After entering the trade, this is the position you want the BOT to take profit for you. The default setting is always around 1.3%.

But based on your preference you can always increase or decrease it as you wish. This means the robot will sell for you automatically after the set percentage has been reached.

Whole Position Take Profit Callback

The whole position take profit callback is the trigger for your take profit. When your profit percentage is reached, it doesn’t sell immediately.

But when there’s a slight decrease and it hits the percentage set, it’s going to sell and take profit for you automatically.

Margin Configuration

This configuration indicates the amount of deep you’re going to be buying based on the percentage drops.

Take for example if your trading capital is $100 with a $10 first buy-in amount and you’re using 4 margin calls like the image above.

This means your first call is 1 time at 3.5% market dip. That is, when the coin you’re trading drops by 3.5%, the robot will buy an extra 1 time at the “First Buy-In Amount” of $10. ($10 x 1 = $10)

Looking at the second call on the image above… we have 4% and 2 times. This means when the coin drops further by 4%, the robot will buy 2 extra at your “first buy-in amount” price.

That will be $10 x 2 = $20. The same thing goes for the rest of the margin calls.

Margin Configurations
Buy In Callback

This simply means after your first take profit, the percentage at which you want the bot to buy again, so you can make additional profits when it keeps increasing is “Buy in Callback”

Once everything is checked, you just simply need to click on start trading and the robot will begin the trade on your behalf.

To check your profits, at the home page, you’ll see “Revenue”, click on it to see your daily profits.

WealthIbot Trading Bot Review: Pros and Con

This WealthIbot trading robot review won’t be completed if I fail to mention its pros and cons. So have a look at both the bad side and good side of trading with robots generally.


Below are the good things you can expect while trading cryptocurrency with robots.

  • Trades 24/7 nonstop
  • Funds are safe on the exchange website
  • You can easily trade without emotions
  • Simplified trading
  • Efficient trading


  • Below are the bad sides of using robots to trade cryptocurrency on your behalf and what you should be aware of.
  • Robots are not perfects
  • There could be programming errors
  • Don’t expect to make money overnight

WealthIbot Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you’re still having one or two questions, right? Hopefully, we will be able to provide answers to them in this section.

#1. What is the minimum investment for WealthIbot Robot?

Joining WealthIbot is free, but to activate the robot there is an annual subscription fees of US$ 120. This is the only money that goes to WealthIbot while the remaining balance in assets is for the gas fuel.

Technically, I could say the minimum investment is $150, (120 $ for activation & 30$ for gas fuel) but for reasonable returns on your trading capital, we would suggest to deposit anything from 100 US$ and above in assets as gas fuel.

#2. Is WealthIbot Robot Scam or Legit?

WealthIbot is not a scam. You just need to understand how the platform works. Think about it yourself, the only money that goes to WealthIbot is the annual subscription fee of $120.

And the Robot trades for you 24/7 using funds inside your Binance account. Your trading capital is safe because they are deposited inside your Binance USDT wallet and Binance happens to be one of the safest crypto exchanges globally.

There are several other popular trading bots that charges as little as $100/month and WealthIbot is charging just $120 a year.

#3. Is WealthIbot Compatible with Other Crypto Exchange?

This is part of the limitation that comes with the WealthIbot app, currently, you can only trade on Binance and Huobi cryptocurrency exchange.

Since Binance is one of the most popular & safest exchange globally, hardly will you find it difficult to trade with.

#4. Is WealthIbot safe, Can I Lose My Money?

WealthIbot is practically safe for everybody because the robot only trades spot on Binance and it doesn’t use leveraging.

Basically, the robot just buys when the market is low then sells again when the market is high.

However, in the case of loss, it’s possible due to floating loss. But you should also understand that a floating loss is not actually a real loss until you sell the asset.

Let me explain how it works… Take for example you bought Litecoin at a $100 value and the coin drops by 30% that means you having a floating loss of $30 until the coin gain back the value.

So if you leave it and let say it comes back in value, there’s no loss but if you sell it inside the floating loss you’ve then incur a real loss. So YES, you could lose your money.

But mind you, the same thing applies to your crypto asset if you just buy them and leave them to wait inside your wallet with the hope they will grow someday. So this is just the nature of the crypto market and not because of WealthIbot.

#5. Is there Customer Support For WealthIbot?

Yes, WealthIbot has customer support that works 24/7. For you to contact them, you’ll need to login to your account and click on “Mine” >> “WealthIbot FeedBack” to contact support.

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